The past does not matter,
it's the future that counts.

Photography is way of life.

Seeing differently, seeing more, I challenge the boundries.
Tension, surching for the maximum, the moment = my climax.
My imagination makes me restless.
I open my soul.
My exploration = the search for the ultimate.
Orientating, contributing, thinking, creating.
Analysing, filing it in my mind, thinking in images.
I am volnurable, got willpower, will keep on going, stay focused, stay sharp, am greedy, command. I will succeed                            





Benelux Photocontest category "wildlife" 2014.                                                                                                            First Prize: Benelux Photocontest, category Wildlife 2014.  


International photocontest: Travel Photographer Of The Year 2013 / juni: item EXPRESSIONS                                        First prize: Travel Photographer Of The Year: June 2013, item ESPRESSIONS.

Wildlife Photojournalist of the Year 2010, organized by BBC Wildlife / Natural Museum Londen.

Finalist BBC Wildlife and Natural Historical Museum of Londen: Travel Photojournalist of 2010.


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